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Welcome to TargetMarketIntelligence (TMI)™ – the industry’s most extensive searchable database of decision-makers in the golf course maintenance industry.

With more than 21,100 operations in the golf course maintenance market, TMI™ is your exclusive access to the industry. This state-of-the-art database puts our highly engaged readership and their business demographics at your fingertips.

What’s The Big Deal?

TMI™ gives you the ability to skip the long-winded search process and waste no time in finding exactly what you’re looking for. For example, if you only want to private golf courses in the state of Florida, a few clicks will give you the information you need to reach those specific contacts. Likewise, if you’d like to limit your search to superintendents who have an annual maintenance budget of $750,000 or more, you can do that, too. TMI™’s ability to provide a proprietary list of prospects and contacts tailored to your specific marketing needs is exclusive, efficient and user-friendly. TMI™ offers you the most timely, relevant, targeted market information anywhere, hands down.

What’s In It for You?

Pure gold. Well, not literally, but close enough! After filling out your broad or narrow search criteria, TMI™ provides a list of companies that fits your search. Clicking on any of these companies will give you access to that business’s contact information, their services offered, revenues, employees, email addresses and more. Dig deep into the information you need to develop intelligent sales strategies and find your next customers. Use this information for all of your marketing activities including research, direct mail initiatives or targeted e-blasts

Powerful Integrations

Upload Your Own Data

With the TMI™ user-friendly platform, you have the ability to upload your own data and merge it with our information. When searching, you have the option to choose a list that you’ve uploaded and view matched files only, which shows your prospect list cross-indexed with our database. You also have the option to exclude companies that you already have in your file, identifying only new prospects.

Download Data

Downloading your search results is easy. Once you have found your list of potential customers, click on the “Download Results” tab under the list. You can save the results to your hard drive and view all of the demographic and geographic information collected on each company. This information is then yours to use for marketing initiatives meant to grow your business.

Why Should You Trust Us?

TMI™is powered by Golf Course Industry magazine. Each issue of Golf Course Industry contains original stories you won’t read anywhere else, thoughts from some of the industry’s most notable columnists, reader-submitted content in our annual Turfheads Take Over issue and even a cookbook for grill masters.

Golf Course Industry magazine is owned by GIE Media, based in Valley View, Ohio. GIE Media was founded in 1980 and has grown into a leading marketing and communications business-to-business media company serving 15 industries. The company has a reputation of producing the highest quality media products and is committed to delivering them to a meticulously maintained database of subscribers.

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